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Viral Quiz website with Facebook Instant Games

Hi Everyone, Long time no blog post. I have been busy with family things and didn’t have a chance to work on this blog. But I keep running viral sites including Facebook instant games for income purpose. We…

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What should we do before buying a website from Flippa.com?

If you are looking to buy a website or blog on Flippa.com, there are some tasks you need to do before making a decision. These small tasks will save a lot of money and also save you from…

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What kind of business in Myanmar need SEO?

What kind of Business need SEO in Myanmar

Yike… This is a tough question. But if we try to answer to this question, we will be able to understand and determine about usefulness of SEO in Myanmar. This post will let you know what kind of…

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Do we need SEO in Myanmar?

As we already knew that social media marketing is becoming extremely popular in Myanmar. Most of the business try to get a place on social media. I would like to raise a question that “Do these businesses also…

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About earning from Facebook viral fun quiz websites

I started this blog with the topic about earning from Facebook viral fun quiz websites. I did share my experience and my monthly earning from viral fun quiz websites. Some person contacted me and discussed with me about…

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How to set the right audience setting for Facebook Ads

When you are creating Facebook Ads, it is a good idea to set Audience setting. I would like to recommend you to create Facebook Ads with computer through Facebook Ads Manager. Because mobile Ads Manager doesn’t have some…

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