About earning from Facebook viral fun quiz websites

I started this blog with the topic about earning from Facebook viral fun quiz websites. I did share my experience and my monthly earning from viral fun quiz websites. Some person contacted me and discussed with me about their earning too. Some people are still not profiting from viral fun quiz websites.

At that point, I have to admit that I didn’t describe my situation clearly in my post. This is my fault. Because there are many other factors which will influence on your earning from viral quiz websites.

All of my websites are targeting to the audience in my country. Viral fun quiz is introduced to our audience only after 2016, so it is quite new to the audience. So there is high potential to get users for viral website. And more our audience don’t care about privacy things. So they don’t reluctant to click on the viral quiz website and to log in with their Facebook account.

And another favorable thing is Facebook ads cost. Facebook ads targeting to my country is not so high compare to other countries especially with western countries. So I can get around 800 link clicks per 1 USD. If the quiz is really attractive one, I can get over 1000 link clicks with 1 USD. It is really cheap compare with other countries.

Link click vs Ads Spending on viral website

And another thing that favors me is Facebook page like. It is quite easy to get around 100k Facebook likes with 100 USD spending. I am using 4 Facebook pages (each has over 100k) to share my viral quiz.

So all these above factors favor me to get profit from Facebook viral fun quiz website. These factors may not be available in other countries where these countries may have other favorable factors depend on their user behaviors and digital landscape.

But how about targeting your quiz to my country? It will be difficult coz of language barrier. I have to create quiz with our language to go viral. nametests.com and vonvon.me is quite popular in my country, but only for some level of users.

So what I would like to suggest you is that you need to explore your audience nature and your targeted countries digital landscape. And you also need to make high quality contents to attract the audience. Content mean both image and quiz idea.

I hope this post will help you to explore your audience and to make your quiz viral.

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  1. Hey, that’s not ture.
    It’s not easy at all to get 100k likes to your fan page, even with 1000$.
    There are no “special methods” anymore to buy or get real organic likes, so your last option is buying a page with 100k and it will cost you lot more than 1000$.

    1. I am not sure where are you from, Mate. But it is still possible in my country till now. We can get 100k likes easily with fake celebrity page, or feeling page (like love quote) etc. But page quality may not be good.
      I agree with you that it cost more than 1000$ to get 100K page for brand page or other type of business. I am also struggling to get 100k like for my E-commerce business page.

      1. hi, I have updated my post and added my Link click Vs Ads Spending. Which also show cost per click figures. You can take a look and compare with yours.

        1. Nope, I can see just the comment of the photo “Link click vs Ads Spending on viral website”. The photo itself doesn’t appear.

          Please fix it πŸ™‚

          1. Bro the Link clicks VS Ads spending is AMAZING. Is Unbelievble jesus.. you spend less than 50$ and get 300k views and 30k clicks. WOW!

            Which photos you use for Facebook Ads? Maybe my problem is the photo..

            Can you say which country do you publish? Maybe I should translate my quizzes to other language and try to publish it in a country that is got more people and more cheaper?


          2. You should follow Facebook Ads policy about Text overlay. I think you already knew about it. Your photo shouldn’t include text no more than 20% of your photo. You can check your photo with this Facebook tool https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay
            Only use the image with “OK” result.

            I am just targeting to my country “Myanmar”. Numbers of Facebook user in our country is quite huge so that we can target a lot of audience. Post engagement is really high in our country. And also it is very easy to get page like (real human like) in our country. And also Facebook Ads cost is still cheap.

            But I think that people will start boring about quizzes coz there are a lot of quizzes websites now becoming active in our country. So I am not sure how will it affect on my income in future.

          3. Hey, what do you mean by “OK” result? Because there are quizzes with lots of text in the result like “what’s your personality” and “how will you die”.. so every result have lots of text.

            What’s the best thumbnail picture for a Facebook ad?

  2. Hey, can you make a post on how to create the perfect Facebook ads capmpaign ? how to set up all the settings of the budget and which options exactly to choose? If to choose “daily budget” or “overall budget” and which exactly settings to set up.

    Thanks alot.

    1. Hi,

      I will try to write about it. I am not expert for it, but I will write base on my experience about budgeting and concept about daily budget and overall budget.

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