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Introducing my new buzzy website

Hi, I would like to introduce my newly created BuzzFeed style website. It is using buzzy script which I bougth from Codecanyon. It also has a quiz plugin and we can create viral quiz on this website. But…

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What should we do before buying a website from Flippa.com?

If you are looking to buy a website or blog on Flippa.com, there are some tasks you need to do before making a decision. These small tasks will save a lot of money and also save you from…

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Blogger’s life in Myanmar

When we mention about the term “blogger” in Myanmar, most people think that it is a person who demonstrate about how to make up your face or it is a person who does review on cosmetic. πŸ™‚ It…

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Tips to get AdSense approval

AdSense approval email from Google

I started blogging since 2015 and I also applied AdSense since that time. But for three years, I didn’t get approval from AdSense. I just received rejected email from AdSense. But I revised my website and tried third…

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Motivation factors for blogger to keep blogging

if you start blogging and after a few week, you will probably think that is it worth enough to spend time on blog. I am sure most of the early blogger think about it. I was also the…

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