Blogger’s life in Myanmar

When we mention about the term “blogger” in Myanmar, most people think that it is a person who demonstrate about how to make up your face or it is a person who does review on cosmetic. πŸ™‚

It is really happening in my country. I describe my job as a blogger on my Facebook profile, some people asked me asked me that “Are you a beauty blogger?” or “Are you a make up artist?”.

In Myanmar, the term “blogger” is becoming well known only after the increasing popularity of food, travel and beauty bloggers. Most of these bloggers (food, travel and beauty) are only active on Facebook, they rarely have a web blog. Some of them have Youtube channel. But their main focus is on Facebook because over 90% of internet users from Myanmar are populated there.

For real blogger (here the term “real blogger” means a person who write on the web blog) in Myanmar, we have very little chance to survive. There are some barriers for bloggers to live on the web blog. The two mains barriers are the followings.

  • We cannot access reliable Ads Network for income.
  • We have only a few web users. (Although there are high social media users, but they rarely visit to webpage).
  • Google AdSense is not supporting our Language.
  • We cannot do affiliated marketing as there are very few consumers for affiliated market.

So most of the web blogger moved their blog to Facebook page and their ways of blogging is also changing. It is impossible to live as a full time web blogger, most of the bloggers have to rely on sponsorship from business. It is also very rare opportunity for most of the web blogger. Facebook blogger are earning some reasonable income through reviewing of the products and shops.

That’s why I am trying to create global blog rather than focusing on local audience. I have worked on several blogs which are targeting to global audience.

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  1. Nice work, bro. Our country people aspects very too narrow. Me too, I was tried blogging on my free time. But as you think, I cannot do try our own language because our people are good supporter for facebook with chatting each other. LOL. I was very motivated about you
    that is creating real blog and starting his aim for future.
    I encouraged you and forec to try your works that is whoever thinking that blogging is waste time. I will believe , your will become nice blogger within a few months.

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