About Me


I am freelance digital marketing personal who is dreaming about digital nomad life. At the moment, I am managing my own company, one E-commerce business, one digital marketing agency, one online media channel and 5 brick and mortar shop chains, but my dream is 100% working as a digital nomad.

So in my free time, I tried to work on blogging and other online money making tasks. I value the money I get from blogging even it is less than a Dollar.

I have several Facebook page channels which are generating revenue from Instant articles and audience network, but my main focus is google Ads and other ads networks. I tested several ads network and several website and web applications which can host Ads Networks.

This blog will showcase about my learning, experience on ads networks and money making websites/web applications.

I am not an expert, I even don’ know how to develop a website, how to write a code (but now I am learning PHP), Β so in this blog, you will find the easiest way to develop website, blogs without knowing coding and languages.

If you have a question, you can reach out to me by this email: [email protected]

Yah,,, I am medical doctor too. But I didn’t practice medicine for more than 10 years. πŸ™‚