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We all are very excited and thinking to purchase Facebook Instant games as these games become very popular on Facebook. We can see OMG, LoL, Nametest Facebook instant games go viral every day.

But we don’t know how can we have our own Instant game and where can we purchase it.

I have one great news.

Phpfunapps and Nametestapp are developing Facebook instant games. Phpfunapps already announced about their products and price is around 1,200 USD.

But I haven’t seen their products yet. One of my colleagues purchased from Phpfunapps, I am also keeping my eye on their progress, but they stuck at Facebook review process. I hope they will get approval very soon.

Today, I heard from Nametestapp that their product will be launched in the coming weeks.

Then we can compare and choose the best one at a reasonable price.

I am also helping my friend to set up their Instant game from Phpfunapps and I got to know that you will need verified Facebook business manager account to set up the Instant game on the Facebook platform.

And also you will need an Apple Developer ID which is needed in the review process.

If you know other providers of Instant game, please also let me know.

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  1. Nowadays the trends of playing Facebook games are usually running in our society many types of Facebook games entertain peoples I am also playing some facebook games like Farmville these type of games are also really entertained. But I also play these instant games and I really like this you share good information about these instant games.

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