Finally I resolved about high deduction by AdSense

If you are this blog regular reader, you may aware that I faced a huge amount of revenue deduction by AdSense two month ago.

For each month, the deducted amount from my revenue is more than 45% of my total revenue for two consecutive months. The total amount was around 2,000 USD. It was a painful situation and I totally stopped using AdSense on my viral websites.

I tried to solve by using different ways, 1) I tried to block Facebook crawler, 2) Tried to reduce the number of Ads on the site etc. But it didn’t resolve.

I tried to analysis AdSense report and found out that my sites have high CTR in these two months. It is over 7 and maximum up to 12. In the past, CTR was just below 5.

So I concluded that this high deduction must be related with high CTR. So that I had to find out which cause this high CTR.

It is not because of Ads placement or social traffic, because some of my friends are running viral sites and they didn’t have any huge deduction even though their income is higher than mine.

For November, I re-launch my websites and keep tracking on CTR. At the same time, I also get access to my friend’s AdSense account and able to access his CTR report.

We all know that nowadays, it is very difficult to promote a viral link on Facebook. We got repeated rejection by Facebook to promote the viral link. I also faced this issue. So that if I have one approved Ads for the viral site, I keep promoting this ad. In those months, I kept running single ads for 3 weeks.

This thing leads to high CTR. If we have traffic to only one url (page) for a certain period, AdSense CTR gradually increase. This is my finding. CTR gradually increase and go beyond 7.

If we have more than one active Ads for more than one url (pages), CTR may remain below 7.

In November, I tried to play between URLs. On some day, I kept only one URL active and on other days, I promoted two or three URLs at the same time. I found the different CTR between these tests. I tried this experiment on my friend’s AdSense. (I am lucky enough to have that kind of generous friend who takes the risk for his AdSense account).

And finally, I found out that his account faced around 40% deduction in November (He never had that kind of a huge deduction before), and my account deduction is just less than 2%.

So that what I would like to recommend you is

  1. Not to keep single Ads keep running for a longer period
  2. Try to make at least two Ads running at the same time for two different URLs
  3. Keep observing your Daily CTR, if you saw any abnormality on CTR result, stop promoting and try to explore the cause.
  4. You should create daily Fun applications on your website.

I hope this guide will help you to prevent huge deduction by AdSense from your revenue.

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    1. You are right. The main reason is the low-quality landing page which means landing page has higher ads proportion than content.

      1. I’ve customized socioquiz script, will try hidden text or toggle hide/show text on every quiz page by default. I think this work-around should work.Let’s see what happens.
        Thanks alot mate for these posts. I do check your blog quite often. What hosting provider and plan do you use?

        1. I am using Digital ocean to host viral sites. It is cheap. We can start with 10 USD per month plan and depends on your traffic, we can scale up.

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