If you use AdSesne on viral quiz website, check your CTR everday

Hi, I haven’t been created a new post for a long time, as I was busy with my other projects and blogs. Here is one thing I would like to remind you about AdSense CTR.

If you are using AdSense on your viral quiz website, you should check your AdSense CTR everyday.

Generally, most of the page has AdSense CTR no more than 5 for average. But for viral quiz website, it is ranging around 7 to 8. Because quiz users wrongly click on the Ads with the play button. But you will be safe (till now) with CTR 7 to 8. But if your CTR goes beyond 10, you should be careful about it.

It may be due to several reasons.

One thing is your quiz users click on the ads instead of play button.

Another thing is someone is intentionally clicking your ads (This is very unlikely).

If you are targeting non-English speaking audience, but your page is written in English, you will get more ads click from users and which will lead to high CTR.

High CTR will result in a high deduction of your revenue, and if worse, your AdSense account will get suspended.

So please be careful about it and check your CTR regularly. If you see an unusual spike in CTR, stop using your Ads on this website, till you find the reasons for increasing CTR.

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