ViralFB version 4.1? download available

Hi ViralFB users,

Great News. ViralFB is now alive again. Their website is active again. I was able to log in with my account and was able to download updated file from their website. It is name is update 4.1. I am not sure it is refer to version 4.1 or not.

Anyway I would like to share this file to the one who needs it seriously.

Here is the download link:

Announcement from ViralFB site


Please use this file as your own risk. I will not take any responsibility if something happens to your website. I admitted that I haven’t tried it yet. Just downloaded and want to share with you all.

Good luck.

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  1. I download script file and install on my server but after I log in admin panel it not work. it always show me incorrect user name and password.
    you know what is the problem?

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