Local to Global (Targeting viral quizzes to global audience)

As I mentioned in my earlier posts and comments, all of my viral websites are targeting to my own country. Facebook is the most popular social network in our country and also FB user number is growing everyday in our country. So it is very easier to get engagement with low Ads cost. (And another advantage is my audience doesn’t concern about privacy, so they don’t reluctant to sign in our quiz website with their Facebook account).

Because of these advantages, it is easier to make my quizzes viral.

But now I have decided to target to global audience (not the whole world, only selected countries). But I am expecting that I have to invest a lot before profit. For this project, I choose nametestapps.com as my platform for several reasons.

nametestapps.com not only provide the viral website, they also develop quizzes for clients. We can purchase 50 brand new professional look English Language quizzes with 99 USD. If you want to use other language, you have to pay 149 USD for 50 quizzes. So I don’t need to worry about quizzes.

And nametestapps.com has a story feature embedded in the system. Story feature is the same like blog feature (or quite similar to buzzfeeds article) so it will also help the website go viral. In future, it will also support personality or trivia type questions.

Because of these features, I have decided to go with nametestapps.com for my global viral project.

Ah… here is the main part of this post.

What name should I use for my website? Any hints or any suggestions? If you want to help me, please drop name suggestion for my website. πŸ™‚

Thanks in advance.

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    1. I will go with basic nametestapps version first. Coz it has many features expect Facebook morphing, it is enough for start up.

        1. I haven;t used it. but one of my friend is using it. It is quite ok but if you face Facebook throttling issue, they are not able to solve it.

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