Who has ViralFB update version 4:

If you have a download file of ViralFB update version 4, please kindly contact me.


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    1. Hi Pedro,

      Are you facing the problem? How is your real time active users? I also faced when I reached to real time active user around 300. I was not able to access admin panel. But we can still access and create quiz through this url: yourdomain/dashboard/apps/list

      1. Hello,

        It looks like the problem is not related to real-time users, I have few hits. I refaced the installation from scratch and the problem continued. I’ll try to access it by your tip, thanks!

        1. Try with the link I shared with you. I sent email to ViralFB developer about version 4. If I get it, I will share with you.

  1. ViralFb isnt on sale anymore, I’ve their ViralFb v2 and have bypassed their activation process. Can i get version 3 of ViralFb? Can you share the files please

      1. I need multi-friends plugin thats why i need its Version 3? Do you have it?
        Bro You blog is awesome! Discovered your blog a few days ago and I’m reading your posts one by one.

        1. Hi bro, I am leaving ViralFB as it is full with bug. (But it was one of the best earning script I have ever used). If I get Version 3, I will share with you. Don’t worry.
          I would like to suggest you to think for other scripts (which have active and ongoing support).

          1. I’ll for sure shift to other scripts once I earn enough with this one. Because of no funds left i’ll have to use it. You blog is very informative in this regard and I’ll be reading your posts regularly.
            Thanks for your support 🙂

          2. Keep sticking to the current version you have for ViralFB, please don’t try to upgrade or change it. If you make something wrong, you will become helpless. Just try to focus on making your quiz viral and earn money to switch to another better scripts.

          3. lol I’ll maybe have to use Socioquiz 😐 Unable to save results in ViralFb (When creating apps). Haven’t shared a single quiz yet. Trying to debug it.
            Yup I’ve a plan in my mind, will stick to it. Thanks for your support bro and Good Luck for targeting global traffic 🙂

          4. i have 100 socioquiz quizzes. If you want to use it, I can share with you. The only thing we need to worry is copyright issue.

  2. @aunghein,

    I trying for days to fix the admin panel but it keeps on loading and after some minutes it will be 100% loaded but its very very slow, any help ? i have version 2.0 of ViralFB.

    hope u can help me.

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