My SEO learning path……..

This is just 1 month after I start practicing SEO systematically. I was blogging since last 3 years ago, I heard about SEO. But I didn’t pay much attention on it. I read a lot about SEO, but I didn’t practice systematically.

But since last month, after I watched Neil Patal youtube video and his blog, I recognized that it is time to start SEO for my business and blogs.

I am running one E-commerce business ( which is selling local made traditional products from my country. As people from our country mainly use Facebook as an internet and they rarely use real internet, most of E-commerce business in Myanmar didn’t pay focus on SEO. But for me, as i am selling handicrafts and local souvenirs, SEO is important for my website to reach to foreigners. So that I decided to start learning SEO.

But it’s quite costly to do SEO and SEM for E-commerce website, so I am thinking other ways to drive traffic to my website. Then I started with research on which keywords were searched by foreigners in my country and about my country.

I got several niche keywords. Then I started several blogs with these keywords.

This is how I started SEO learning step by step:

So my first step was Keyword research.

At the moment, I am working on two blogs.

These are WordPress website so that I am using Yoast SEO plug in.

I followed all the steps according to Yoast SEO.

I submit my domains to Google search console and also google analytics.

I created contents three times a week as a minimum.

This is my one month work on SEO. I will continue this post if I have progress on my sites.

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