How did I earn 1000 USD in one month with viral quiz website?

You may have already known that you can earn money online from your website by linking with Ads Networks. There are many ads networks likes Google AdSense which can pay you money. You just need to have high traffic website to earn money from Ads Networks. For last month, I did earn around 1000 USD by using viral quiz website.

This article will focus on how did I earn around 1000 USD in one month (to be exact, it was not in one month , it was within half month). And also this is my testing period about my websites. So I didn’t pay much attention to create revenue, I just tested effectiveness of websites in this month.

Most of this revenue came from two of my viral quizzes websites. I used two different viral scripts, ViralFB and Socioquiz.

As I said, this is just a testing period, I didn’t pay so much time on it. I’ve have just created 10 quizzes for each sites. I spent an hour a day to manage both sites which were basically checking server status, Ads report and creating quizzes.
So do you think it is easy way to earn money with those viral websites? My answer is “Yes and No”.
Yes, it is easy to create viral websites, but it is not too easy to get high traffic to your website and it is not too easy to keep alive your websites.

Within this month, I had frequent downtime of my website as traffic grows and hosting server couldn’t manage well. Downtime could make bad reputation for website among users and then also could affect on revenue. So I will also share about my bad experience about hosting providers later.

So to earn money online is not difficult. But you need passion, patient and some skills to reach your goal.

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