Tired of being repeatedly fail to get Instant article, try Audience Network with application

Hi, is your Instant article still active? Are you still earning from Instant article?

If you are still earning, share your experience on how to keep your Instant article alive?

Most of Audience Network (instant article) publisher lost their access to monetizing for a lot of (unclear) reasons. I also lost two of my website/pages. But one page is still active with Instant Article, I am not sure what kept this one alive? But one thing is that this page is the primary page of my business manager.

Ok. Let’s stop about this Instant article thing. But do you know that you can still earning from Facebook Audience Network Ads by other ways. One way is embedding Audience network ads into your application.

So you will scold me that creating application is expensive. NOT REALLY.

You can transform your website into mobile application for free or less than 3 USD per month.

For me I am using Appyet.com. It’s free version offer tons of features. If you want to test my application, send email to me. I will share google playstore link.

While development, you will have a chance to put Facebook Audience network Ads code into the application. (You need to create Facebook app for your app, then you have to create audience network Ads placement).

Then you need to submit your application into Google playstore. (You need to create google developer account for 25 USD). You need to fill out some info: to make your application eligible to publish. If you don’t have google developer account or if you don’t know how to publish, I can help you to publish your application with a few coffee money. πŸ™‚

It will take 12 to 24 hours to get your application approve by google. If it is not approved, you need to edit some features and need to submit again.

Then the final step is to submit application review from Facebook. To do this, you have to do within your audience network setting.

Place to submit approval for application

Facebook review will take 48 hours to complete. After you get approval, you will see Audience Networks ads in your application.

This is just a teaser post, if you want to know more detail guide on how to create app and how to apply Facebook approval, etc. I will write detail guide. Just comment down here.

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  1. Hi, please write detail guide about it. Which one give you higher revenue? Google Adsense or FB instant article? Thanks.

    1. I am not a FB instant article person, so I didn’t earn alot from IA. I am just trying to find how Audience Network is working with application. Ok. I will try to write about detail guide about it.
      ECPM of application is really high.

      1. Hi, I can tell it’s difficult because I have never try it. OK, I will wait for your update and please do review for the Magicquiz script soon. Also send me the admin area of nametestapps snapshot. Use the email I use to leave this comment(it’s private so I don’t want to reveal it). Thank you. I like your website. πŸ™‚

          1. That’s weird because they responded to me on the same day. I’ve sent you an email. Thanks.

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